Private Barrel Picks

Whiskey Private Barrel PicksPrice
AZ Distilling Copper City [122 Proof]11
Balcones True Blue [125 Proof]14
Dad’s Hat Rye Maple Syrup Cask [112 Proof]12
Elijah Craig 10yr. [94 Proof]12
Four Roses Single Barrel OESV [125.2 Proof]20
Garrison Brothers [123.6 Proof]18
George Remus “King of Pigs” [114 Proof]13
Hudson Whiskey “Pigs in the City” [92 Proof]12
Knob Creek Bourbon “Send a Chick Pic” [120 Proof]13
Knob Creek 10yr. Rye “When Pigs Rye” [115 Proof]13
Leopold Bros [100 Proof]13
Maker’s Mark: “Bourgeois Pig” [112.6 Proof]13
Rossville Union “Pretty Fly for a Rye Guy” [119.7 Proof]13
Traverse City Rye [117.2 Proof]15
Stellum Rye [117.9 Proof]16
Stellum Bourbon [114.6 Proof]16
Weller Full Proof [114 Proof]20
Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen [99 Proof]20
Senator 6yr Rye [106.06 Proof]18
Stagg [133.4 Proof]20

American Whiskey

American WhiskeyPrice
Catskill White8
Gentleman Jack10
Jack Daniels8
St. George Baller14
St. George Breaking and Entering10


Buffalo Trace8
Barrell Armida17
Barrell Dovetail17
Basil Hayden 13
Blanton’s 17
Bookers Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored25
Bookers Pigskin20
Buffalo Trace Kosher: Bourbon15
Buffalo Trace Kosher: Rye Recipe 15
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch15
Colonel E.H. Taylor: Single Barrel18
Eagle Rare 13
Elmer T. Lee18
Four Roses Limited Edition 2021 50
Four Roses Yellow Label8
Stagg Jr. Batch 17 [128.7 Proof]20
Whistle Pig Farmstock Beyond BondedSold Out
Four Roses Small Batch12
Four Roses Small Batch Select 15
Garrison Brothers HoneyDew19
Kentucky Owl Confiscated35
Old Fashioned Copper Vintage 1994300
Eagle Rare 17yr 70
Pappy Van Winkle 10yr50
Pappy Van Winkle 12yr "Lot B"60
Pappy Van Winkle 15yr70
Pappy Van Winkle 20yr85
Pappy Van Winkle 23yr125
Rock Hill Farms Single BarrelSold Out
Weller Special Reserve 15
Weller Full Proof20
Weller 10720
Weller CYPBSold Out
Weller Single BarrelSold Out
William Larue Weller75
Willett Family Estate Bottled Bourbon (Purple Top)40
Garrison Brothers HoneyDew10
Garrison Brothers Small Batch 15
Garrison Brothers Single Barrel 25
Garrison Brothers Balmorhea35
Michter's Small Batch Bourbon 13
Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre $65


Basil Hayden Dark Rye15
Redemption Rum Cask10
Whistle Pig 10yr.13
Whistle Pig 12yr.17
Whistle Pig 15yr.25
Whistle Pig 18yr.Sold Out
Whistle Pig FarmstockSold Out
Whistle Pig Farmstock Rye Beyond Bonded20
Whistle Pig Piggyback10
Whistle Pig Roadstock15
Whistle Pig: Boss Hog VIII Sold Out
Barrell SeagrassSold Out
Barrel Seagrass 16yr Gray Label50
Sazerac 18yr 65
Thomas H. Handy45
The Rye Project, Volume One, In Collaboration With The Willett Distillery45
Barrell Rye Century Grand Pick 15
Mitcher's Barrel Strength Rye 20
Michter's Single Barrel Rye 13

Irish Whiskey

Irish WhiskeyPrice
Limavady Single Malt 14
Tullamore Dew8

Japanese Whiskey

Japanese WhiskeyPrice
Kaiyo Cask Strength24


Balvenie Double Wood 12yr15
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte18
Highland Park Viking Honour 12yr.14
Macallan Double Cask 12yr.16
Monkey Shoulder9
Johnnie Walker Black Label 15
Macallan 18yr 88
Glenmorangie X9

Tequila Private Barrel

Tequila Private BarrelsPrice
Corazón Reposado Aged in Private Barrel Blanton’s14
Maestro Dobel Anejo15
Maestro Dobel Diamante 10


Corazon Blanco 8
Don Julio Primavera24
Fortaleza Anejo18
Fortaleza Blanco11
Fortaleza Reposado11
Maestro Dobel 50th Anniversary20
Tosco Reposado13
Tears of Llorona60


Carreno Ensemble19
Carreno Tepezate19
Carreno Tobala19
Carreno Tobasiche19
Los Javis Espadin13
Los Javis Reposado13
Los Vecinos8
IZO Joven 10


Brugal 188810
Cane White8
Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten10
Hamilton 151 9
Hamilton Demerara9
Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still9
Mount Gay Eclipse9
Novo Fogo Cachaca9
Rhum JM9
Rumbar White Overproof9
Zaya Dark9


Cognac Park Mizunara Oak Cask15
Hardy Legend 1863 10
Kelt Cask Strength25
Kelt Sauternes Finish18
Kelt VSOP20
Cognac Park VS 9


Pau Maui9
Platinum 7x8
St. George All Purpose9
St. George Citrus9
St. George Green Chile9
Wheatley Vodka9
EG Rosemary & Lavender Vokda


Mile's London Dry8
Monkey 4715
St. George Botanivore10
St. George Terroir10
Lee Spirits Strawberry Ginger10
Leopold's Summer Gin10
The Botanist Islay dry Gin10